Saturday, March 22, 2014

This week at the library; or, Everything is in pieces and bits

Random Commentary
  • Busy week. Lots of little miscellaneous things, trying to clear everything up for my week of vacation.
  • Did have an idea about running a baby storytime concurrently with Preschool Interactive - it's sounding very attractive to me, but I will have to mull it over some more. Pattie and I are having ongoing dialogue about where we see our respective departments going and maybe we'll consider some changes in 2015 - it's nice to have colleagues to discuss with!
  • I worked Saturday - we showed Frozen on Friday night (167 people) and again Saturday morning (88 people). I went to order a couple more copies, since people were coming in and putting MORE holds on it (close to 600 in the system and at least 30 in my library) and found that Amazon won't let you order unlimited copies! Drat.

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