Saturday, March 15, 2014

This week at the library; or, I should have done bears because I have a really good growl right now

Random Commentary
  • I have part of a sinus infection or a cold. Just enough cedar in the air to make my throat scratchy and me miserable, not to mention taking enough decongestant to clear my head and simultaneously make me feel sick. Yay.
  • Monday
    • Arrived early at 11:30 to prepare for presentation
    • Coughed through lunch with and presentation for Kiwanis
    • Staff meeting
    • Meeting with director and Lindsay
    • Ate a banana and tried to clear some stuff off my desk
    • Information desk - art show at 5:30, at least 100 people, maybe more. Checked on adult program (informational meeting), then the art show people flowed into Tiny Tots and I answered a reader's advisory question for read-alikes for Luna Bay for a girl who's nuts about surfing fiction. Yes, that was exactly as hard as it sounds. Did get a little work done on the desk, but not much.
  • Tuesday
    • Children's desk - distributed stickers, filled book bundles and displays, a little shelving, and finished my Storytime Substitute Resources.
    • Worked on programs - I have nothing planned for tomorrow, let alone the rest of the program session! Went back and forth to my office to make flannelboards
    • Discussion with aide about where or not we want to move the hamsters into the new, giant aquarium that a patron donated, or if I want to turn it into an I Spy game. I Spy game wins - it's just too big!
    • Left early at 4:30, went shopping for supplies for the rest of the week, then grocery shopping, then home around 5:30.
    • Low level sinus headache worse
    • Finished a flannel board (my "good" hot glue gun is at home)
    • Remember a bunch of emails I needed to send. Send emails.
  • Wednesday
    • Storytime set up, pack storytime bags (my aide usually does this, but I didn't have everything I needed yesterday)
    • Preschool Interactive - small group, only 14. It's not the weather - I think everybody is sick. Pattie had small groups yesterday too. I croaked a bit but I made it through.
    • Break for the information desk, confusing question on ebooks.
    • Phone calls - booked a magician for our big circus party.
    • My aide called in sick. Called my second aide to sub. She's sick. Augh! Panic! Happily, there wasn't much shelving. I did some, circ staff did some, and one of our staff's kids was waiting for a ride and they finished it up for us. Yay!
    • Planned programs, worked on the Neighborhoods, answered questions
    • Heartwarming encounter with a teen who used to be a problem teen "I've changed a lot. I read books." We pulled out most of the teen area finding the perfect book for her to read. Also chatted with current group of naughty teens in a mostly friendly, albeit profane, conversation. Apparently one of them is moving and wanted to know if I'd ever been to the place. The conversation wound up with them saying "WHAT? I'm moving to a f--ing hick town?" I resisted the urge to say "Sweetie, where do you think you live now?" and instead gave them a firm reminder that they could not swear in the library. Now that I think of it I should have given them Little Fish, but they don't read. Still hope though!
  • Thursday
    • A little early to work (I start at 9:30 on Thursdays) worked on cleaning off my desk
    • Webinar - updates on Wiscat (our ill catalog for the state)
    • Out to the children's desk for about an hour, grabbed a snack for lunch
    • Information desk from 12-2 - about 30 minutes I spent with our other staff on a tutorial on our new self-checkout.
    • Finish a flannelboard game, start collecting stuff for the program, misc. questions etc.
    • 3pm setup like crazy
    • 3:30-5:30 Mad Scientists Club, clean up, chat with patrons, etc.
  • Friday
    • Set up and do We Explore program - super excited that a group came from 30 minutes away specifically for MY program!
    • Meetings about publicity and scheduling, grabbed some cheese and crackers
    • 12-3 on the main information desk - processed new books
    • Cleaned off my desk while working through some of my backlog of webinars, continued to process new books, misc. stuff.
      • Librarians as literacy leaders for summer reading
        • I like the idea of passing out library cards to my daycare kids when they finish, if they don't have one. We are supposed to have the capability for mobile circ, so I could work something up around this idea.
      • Using Using Nonfiction in the Library , the Classroom and at Home
        • Really annoying that I didn't figure out how to forward the webcast until I'd listened to 20 minutes of teen nonfiction, which I didn't want!
    • My desk is clean! Of course, I didn't get my homework for the early childhood course I'm taking finished, but I've ended up doing that on the weekend pretty much every week so far.
    • I finally left about 5:20, just enough time to go home and change my shoes before going out to dinner with a librarian friend and a collection development discussion. Still had paint on my pants, but she won't care.

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