Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week at the library; or, Back to work!

Random Commentary
  • Things I did this week
    • Interviewed five more people and selected a youth services associate for the summer (at least, we'll make a final decision once we've called references)
    • With my director and our cataloger, finally decided on the first two neighborhood categories! See my awesome signs here.
    • Scrambled to catch up on everything that was neglected the week I was gone.
    • Was very proud of myself for taking some time off Thursday morning, to make up for coming in on my vacation to do an interview (I'm working on not working if you know what I mean)...until I realized we'd switched the schedule and I was working Thursday night so I would have come in then anyways and I wasn't actually taking any time off. Oh well.
    • Stressed about my Bridge Science program next week, but reminded myself that I have LOTS of popsicle sticks and everything is better with popsicle sticks.

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