Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Read, Read, Read, Said the Baby: You can do it!; I can do it too! by Karen Baicker, illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max

[This review was previously published. It has been edited and rewritten.]

These are my newest, most favorite board books! In the first story, an exuberant little girl carefully demonstrates her many exciting new skills, one for each member of the family. She pours juice like Dad, gets dressed all by herself like big sister, makes cakes like Grandma, and finally celebrates her baby brother's new independence with the rest of her family.

In the second story, the same little girl takes her role as big sister seriously as she role models fun skills for her baby brother, from playing drums with the pots and pans, to painting and going down the slide. The story finishes with the delighted baby brother finding something he can teach his big sister how to do!

These board books are nice and sturdy and a lovely oversized shape, approximately 8 by 8 inches. The rhyming text is perfect for small children, encouraging them to try their own new things and enjoy the simple humor and overflowing happiness and love of the families in these stories. The illustrator's art is vibrant and splashy, with simple lines that even younger children can follow and a few small details for older listeners.

These are great toddler story time read-alouds, great for parents to read with their little ones, and would also be absolutely perfect for older siblings to read to their baby brothers and sisters, or for a family to enjoy together, trying out the different activities.

Verdict: Highly recommended for your board book section. I'm so pleased I purchased these and we've had years of love for them.

I can do it
ISBN: 978-0811875608; Published June 2010 by Handprint Books; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library.

You can do it
ISBN:978-0811875615; Published June 2010 by Handprint Books; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library.

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Alysa Stewart said...

You can do it too! looks like a great pic for older siblings.