Saturday, June 28, 2014

This Week at the Library; or, Chaos Week 3

Random Commentary
  • Week 3 of summer reading. We had a staff meeting on Monday and forgot to actually set up the Wii until 30 minutes after it was supposed to start.
  • Almost 200 people (including a group of about 60 kids) came to see the magician. I haven't seen him before - he was great! Circulation exploded. I'm having nightmares about the shelving, spilling out over everything and engulfing me.
  • In the midst of everything, thinking about next year - I need to schedule more shelving time for the aides (which will be part of simplifying summer programs next year and doing things that don't need multiple staff). I'm also thinking of a new summer reading program based on a teen srp suggestions someone gave me on Facebook. There will be changes next year. Next year will be better. That's what I tell myself every year. I am so tired right now.
  • Things did calm down a little...on Friday.
What are the kids reading? A sample of this week's reader's advisory questions
  • I survived series by Lauren Tarshis
  • Dork Diaries very popular, Popularity Papers - some kids love them, some kids don't
  • Talking to a kid about what they were reading, said she had read Moomin (very weird, interjected her dad) I suggested Hilda and a few minutes later saw her walking out with it. Woo!
  • Pokemon
  • Tried - and failed - to help a patron on the computer. So I said (because I have a weird sense of humor) that even though I couldn't help with the computer, I could do children's book she said "well, there was this series I loved as a child but you wouldn't know it..." It was Lois Leppard's Mandie series and I had them! She was so happy.
  • Hundred Horses by Sarah Lean (school visit book) checked out, so she took Dog Called Homeless instead.
  • Smile - also recommended Amelia Rules and Leslie Margolis
  • Star Wars

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