Saturday, June 14, 2014

This week at the library; or, The first week of summer

Random Commentary
  • This summer just feels...weird (yes, I know it's barely been a week). Circulation is definitely not slower - that's off the wall. Summer reading seems to be going about as usual, although I can't completely tell until more stuff comes back. Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday we gave out 400+ week 1 bookmarks (ages 3-12) so that was pretty good. Programs seem a little smaller though. I keep telling myself that everything doesn't have to be an insane, hyperventilation-inducing smash to be a success!
  • My BIG NEWS this week was that the preliminary public library data came out and I am SECOND in children's circulation! First is the one big city library in our consortium - I can't beat that - but I came in tops over everyone else! Collection development is a huge thing for me, so this is very thrilling.
  • Thinking about summer programming (yes, while I'm doing it I'm planning 2015. DON'T JUDGE ME) I'm thinking I might want to move away from the big parties right at the beginning of summer. Something more drop-in/participatory for the kick-off Saturday (life-size Candyland!) and then stick with performers for the Tuesday afternoon big programs instead of having these crafting extravaganzas right at our busiest time. I'd still do book parties (Fancy Nancy, Angry Birds, etc.) but I'd do them throughout the school year on Friday afternoons which I feel is a fairly busy time that we aren't utilizing as well as we could.
  • Then everything went crazy starting about Wednesday and numbers were off the wall, I barely had time to stop to breathe, went home late every night, 70 people came to Messy Art, we made almost $500 at the Usborne book sale, Friends had their book sale, almost 20 girls came to Girls Night Out, PHEW! I felt like I wasn't on the desk as much this week, but when I counted it was about 23 hours! I got lots of good book recommendations out to kids, which always rejuvenates me. I think the most popular book I took to the schools turned out to be Willo Davis Roberts' The Girl with Silver Eyes and the author I've recommended most this week was Ruth Chew, so perhaps it's the summer of the classics!

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