Saturday, July 26, 2014

This week at the library; or, Planning Ahead

What's Happening - In my head and at the library
  • Yes, I know everyone keeps saying it's too soon to be planning the fall. I notice that they are also asking me for schedules, calendars and plans though so....Of course, everything I've planned I pulled apart again to try over. I had thought about doing a Mother Goose on the Loose program in November/December, but decided I didn't want to try to fit something in there and will hopefully do that in the winter/spring instead.
  • Other projects I am currently working on, in addition to planning fall and 2015 programming: Writing a long-term plan for teen programming (even if only in my head), weeding the juvenile cds, inventory in preparation for my new plan of doing all my replacement orders in August, finishing the massive neighborhoods project, planning displays and stealth programs through the end of the year, redoing the winter reading program (just a few minor changes), planning summer reading next year (gotta do it while this year is fresh in my mind!) and the last few weeks of summer programming.
  • I also started changing the structure of my programs and including goals etc. an awesome idea that was suggested to me by someone on one of my fb groups. I also separated the take home bags from Preschool Interactive, since I will be discontinuing the program in the fall, but continuing the bags as a stealth program.
What the kids are reading
  • Shark books - every single title checked out!
  • Lego Ninjago - need more of these next summer
  • Squish - I'm missing the latest
  • Books about New York - I thought I had a travel guide for kids, but apparently not
  • Magic tricks - definitely need more of these next year
  • Like Pegasus (O'Hearn) - Loki's Wolves was checked out, gave her Savage Fortress and also recommended Theodosia
  • Mustache Baby - should I buy another copy of this? seems I've been asked for it a lot
  • "princess books", "barbie books" (everything was checked out) I tried Fancy Nancy and then she asked for pop-up books...
  • Press Here

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