Saturday, August 2, 2014

This week at the library; or, I am tired

What's Happening - In my head and at the library
  • I'm just really tired.
  • The Big Splash program was easy and fun. We had three kiddie pools, a sprinkler, bubbles, chalk and water balloons outside, with my associate and one aide in charge, and paint inside, with me and another aide in charge. Most people went straight to the water - about 80 people - and about 30 of those also painted. Next time we should cut out the water balloons which didn't work well and remember to bring the fingerpaint out at the beginning.
  • I also was the librarian-in-charge for the knit-in Friday night, so I worked until 6 and then hung out and crocheted until 10. Free food though!
  • I did get the fall program schedule finalized! It's beauuutifully color-coded. (this is my personal calendar)

What the kids are reading
  • Dork diaries
  • "books about reptiles" (my colleague asked "oh, do you like reptiles?" and the reply was NO but my mom is babysitting a kid who won't read anything else)
  • Dwarf hamsters (had to settle for our regular hamster books)
  • Dog breeds
  • Lemonade crime series by Jacqueline Davies (all but one were checked out. I offered Secret Science Alliance and Mac Barnett and....I feel like I offered a third book, but can't remember. Went with Mac Barnett, which was just as well as I discovered a giant rip in Secret Science Alliance)
  • Raina Telgemeier
  • Gave Tooth Fairy Wars to a favorite family. I am sad that Kate Coombs is no longer blogging, but glad that she is writing hilariously awesome books like this!
  • Which Harry Potter is the third one? (apparently nobody but me could answer this question. Really??)
  • Books about girls and friends and being popular for middle school. Tried Donna Gephart's How to survive middle school, but she wanted something more serious. Gave her Lauren Myracle and the Middle School Confidential books. Also wanted Sugar Plum Ballerinas.
  • Interactive books (mom is trying to get kid off truck books. I don't really see why, but whatever). Gave her Press Here, I Spy series by Gibb, and Tap the magic tree.
  • Tinkerbell picture books - I gave her the graphic novels, which are just as colorful.
  • A kid read Journey to Rainbow Island by Christie Hsiao and wanted a sequel. I didn't read this myself - it was an unsolicited review copy that sounded interesting enough that I put it in the collection, but I didn't review it. There are no sequels - I gave him Wings of Fire instead, which has sequels, so hopefully it will last a little while.

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