Monday, September 8, 2014

Nonfiction Monday: Grizzly Bears of Alaska: Explore the world of wild bears by Debbie S. Miller, photographs by Patrick J. Endres

I really, really like bears. So I knew I was probably going to like this book, irregardless of any flaws. Because, really, BEARS. Awesome.

The book explains the habits, habitats, and general life cycles of grizzlies in Alaska, including some of the coastal bears. Each page features full-color, gorgeous photographs, matching the text. The text is in fairly large chunks with different words highlighted. Sections include "Leaving the Den," accompanied by photographs of bear cubs, cubs nursing, and cubs following their mother across the fields below a mountain. "Got One!" talks about brown bears' swimming abilities and shows several bears enjoying the water and the fishing. At the back of the book, there's a map showing the ranges of grizzly and brown bears and a brief mention of polar bears and black bears (with photographs). the last page and endpaper of the book lists the credits and a page of discussion questions, as well as a link to a teacher's guide.

I had expected the highlighted words to show up in a glossary, but I assume they're in the teacher's guide. There is quite a lot of text, but that's offset by the amazing photographs. The text is also set in a large, bold font and the layout is really well done. It's not often you see photographs and text so nicely combined.

The hardcover edition of the book is currently out of stock - probably due to increased demand because of the DisneyNature movie - but the paperback is currently available. This is a small press and while it can't compete with, say, Scientists in the Field, it's a really nice introduction to bears with amazing photographs and accessible text.

Verdict: Bears. I mean, BEARS. I have to have it. You need it too - think of all the kids who want to see awesome pictures of bears. How can you deny them this pleasure?

ISBN: 9781570619328; Published 2014 by Little Bigfoot/Sasquatch Books; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Added to the library's order list

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laurasalas said...

I love bears! In fact, I have a couple of vivid childhood bear memories from backpacking vacations in the Appalachian Mountains. Going to see if my library has one--thanks.