Saturday, October 18, 2014

This week at the library; or, clinging to calm with the tips of my fingers

What's Happening: At the library and in my head
  • Crazy week! Luckily a bunch of outreach got pushed forward to next week, so I had a week to try and catch up on things. I am trying to maintain my zen and not get stressed out. Sort of working.
  • Outside projects - my class with Marge, Cybils, getting the garden ready for the fall, catching up on reviewing
  • Library projects - Neighborhoods, putting together a tentative departmental mission/goals/objectives. I figure it doesn't have to be perfect, just enough to get us started and I'll refine it as we test it out. Also found out that RFID is definitely happening - I had mixed feelings about this until I realized it would mean security gates (coming in December) which would mean....I can have an anime collection in the teen area!!!
  • Monday - Meetings! First with some other consortium youth librarians, then an insurance meeting with the city, then a staff meeting, then it was time to go on the information desk for the evening.
  • Tuesday - dealing with incidents from last Friday evening, tackling program planning and catching up to everything that didn't get done, like filling displays and putting out a new Take Home Storytime: We are the dinosaurs!
  • And then I was just busy.
What the kids are reading
  • Yes, the Minecraft books are coming.
  • More Lexiles woe - we made up the points needed at a very high lexile for a 4th grader with Nurk, Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon, and also took Ruins of Gorlan for later.
  • Read-alikes for Cupcake Diaries for a ten year old. What she really, really wants is more surfing books but neither her mom nor I can find anything. I suggested Sew Zoey, My life in pink and green, and Cupcake Cousins (should have suggested Cupcake Club, but I don't have it here and didn't think of it until after they had gone)
  • Fred 3. This is why we have a consortium, so we can get movies from other libraries.
  • Family who absolutely loves Lindgren's Skinnyjack - I am the only library who has it! I helped her find a used version online.
  • Easy readers for the very beginner - Biscuit and Elephant and Piggie
  • Goosebumps - should put some on display with the Halloween books
  • Bubble Guppies - couldn't find anywhere
  • Press Here - one copy should have been in but couldn't find it. I put Press Here and Mix it up on hold for them and then remembered I had just gotten Tap to Play so gave her that and she was very excited to be the first to check it out. Press Here seems to be one of those picture books that grabs a wide range of ages - this girl was probably 7.
  • Small child very sad that the tub of Lego books was empty. I pulled some easy readers for him.
  • Lengthy discussion starting with read-alikes for My Louisiana Sky and Penny from Heaven and ending with Adventure Time and Doodlebug.
  • Teacher wanting books on "kindness" for kindergarten to 1st grade - gave her Trudy Ludwig's oevre.
  • Parent wanting books to read with a reluctant 10 year old reader (this is the "reluctant reader b/c he only reads Big Nate" variety). I tactfully suggested that Where the Red Fern Grows was maybe not going to really interest him and gave her Hatchet, Gregor the Overlander, and Nerds instead.

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