Saturday, November 8, 2014

This Week at the library; or, Settling down to work

This is a lame display. It was supposed to be a tree with
apples and pumpkins along the ground. It was supposed to be
up in September. At least the stuff is laminated. Next year...
What's going on: In my head and at the library
  • This week's projects were planning programs for November/December, updating the last bits of publicity, continuing to work on neighborhoods, and starting to put together a departmental mission, goals, and objects as well as a tentative calendar for next year. I was also training a new aide and beginning a serious battle against the Decay of Order in my department. Spirit Animals after Superheroes?? What were you thinking??
  • And, of course, end of the month reports! They seem to take more and more I turning into....Management? Augh!
What the kids are reading
  • Wanted a Magic Tree House book, but both copies were checked out. Wanted a book they saw at the book fair, but all they had was " had a boy...and stuff" we finally settled on Down Girl and Sit and Scary Tales.
  • Wanted "a book on what to take if you travel to Japan" but settled for books about Japan.
  • Neighborhoods are definitely showing me what's needed - I had a run on tractor books on Tuesday and was completely cleaned out.
  • Amulet (2 requests)
  • Bone (2 requests)
  • Minecraft - I think they wanted the graphic novels, but they're going to have to be satisfied with the many, many handbooks I purchased. I am highly suspicious of those bindings.
  • Stupid lexiles. 11 yr old girl looking for 1000 level lexiles. Lexiles suggests My Most Excellent Year, lots of nonfiction, thick classics, etc. We finally settled on Robinson's The Best School Year Ever.
  • Who was Ferdinand Magellan - I have absolutely nothing on him. I need to fill in this series.
  • Ready Freddy - firehouse fun, I'm missing this one
  • Mickey Mouse books - I'll look for some next time I buy tub books
  • MORE people want tractor books!
  • Talking to the teens about starting an anime collection next year and adding more manga - requests for Black Butler


Ami said...

The display made me chuckle - I used to put up such wonderful, interactive, 3D backgrounds...someday I will again!

Jennifer said...

I have good ideas for displays...sometimes...but I tend to fall short on the execution. I have a dislike of kitschy decoration anyways.