Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Not that tutu! by Michelle Sinclair Colman, illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

This review was previously published. I rewrote and edited it.

A little girl wears her tutu despite her family and friends being tired of seeing her in it no matter what she's doing. The text is simple and rhymes "She wore her tutu to school. "Not again," her mother sighed./She wore her tutu in the pool. "Not again," her father moaned." But the rhyme scheme doesn't flow well.

I like Nakata's colorful and sweet illustrations, except for the one where her brother has weirdly exaggerated teeth, but they're too blurry for the average toddler. The cover has a little frill of actual netting over the tutu which will, at my library, probably be torn out by the second checkout.

Verdict: This might have made a passable picture book but I don't think it works as a board book. I don't think the board book audience will even understand what's going on. It might have made a cute picture book for 3-4 year olds though.

ISBN: 9780307976987; Published 2013 by Robin Corey Books/Random House; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to library prize box

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