Saturday, February 7, 2015

This week at the library; or, New programs!

at least ONE person used the blankets!
What's happening in my head and at the library
  • Monday - Tuesday. Busy. Investigation of graffiti on study room wall, which....was...signed...sigh, we are dealing with middle schoolers here. Planning programs for the rest of the week, endless small things to deal with, massively plugged toilets, staff meeting, all my spare time at home Monday/Tuesday devoted to making sensory blankets. 
  • Wednesday - no babies showed up to the program, which kind of made the sensory blankets useless (although one little girl did use one for a picnic blanket) my nice middle schoolers showed up to help and a sweet teen asked if she could start a club for perler beads, which balanced out the reappearance of the group of problematic teens who I have had to ask to leave four times in less than two weeks. Reports, reports, reports. Two giant Olafs mysteriously appeared in the workroom and my January circulation is significantly up.
  • Thursday - more reports. A small Lego Club - only about 35 people, mostly little kids, showed up. Swim lessons are big right now I think. Packed up all my outreach and went through my list of cancelled replacements from Baker and Taylor, hoping to find some on Amazon, and then my list of requested anime.
  • Friday - 3 outreach visits, somewhat hoarse, 3 hours on the information desk, 1 hour on the youth desk, left early.
Stealth Programs
What the kids are reading
  • Magic Tree House
  • Fancy Nancy picture books
  • Westerns - this is for a couple mentally disabled, homebound adults. This was a tricky one until I thought of the Tucket series by Paulsen! I also pulled a couple of the Dear America (the boy ones).
  • John Deere, although he was fine with some other construction books. I need to find some John Deere books, somebody asked for this recently as well.
  • A collection for a twelve year old with Downs to take on a trip - happily, I hadn't yet weeded my easy reader collection, Read to Me, or something like that (I was going to replace it) and I also suggested one of the National Geographic easy reader collections.
  • I put up my DK Star Wars poster and immediately got Star Wars requests.
  • Two boys looking for Diary of a Wimpy Kid (although I think they actually just said the first book they thought of b/c I was glaring at them for horsing around)

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