Saturday, March 28, 2015

This week at the library; or, Why is hibernation not a thing?

Clean desk! Of course, now I'm going on vacation and can't
enjoy it...
What's going on in my head and at the library
  • One more week until Spring Break and vacation! For me anyways...cold. COLD. However, I did hear some really nice things from a teacher I work with and a parent said something really nice which I meant to write down but promptly forgot. But warm fuzzies!
  • Monday - lengthy staff meeting, then I had a second, unofficial staff meeting with my staff to plan out displays and pass on all the stuff from the staff meeting, then I gave the information desk a break, then I worked on stuff from the staff meeting (although not actually writing up the staff meeting minutes) while I was on the information desk in the evening. And I was the Easter Bunny for Tiny Tots.
  • Tuesday I got to be the Easter Bunny again - twice - for the toddlers, processed new books, wrote up the staff minutes, sent out copious emails regarding outreach, and tackled the missing list. It was a rather...well...things happened and I am dealing with them.
  • Wednesday - I worked through another cartful of easy readers and a bunch of other things. Nobody really showed up for storytime. Then I cleaned off my desk and went over the big projects my associate is going to do next week while I'm gone.
  • Thursday. still cold. so....cold....I....did stuff. Cleaned off my desk, worked at the information desk, and then egg painting.
  • Friday - I cleaned off my desk and my cart and finished going through the easy readers through the Rs and made a calendar for the Storyroom outside/evening events (like the Brownies meeting there) and then t-shirts.
Stealth Programs
What the kids are reading (a selection)
  • Wings of Fire book 7 - coming out in June, I promised to place a hold for the patron
  • Notebook of Doom - all 5 books were out but I got the 6th book that had just come in off my desk and they were very excited
  • Bailey School Kids
  • Monster be good by Natalie Marshall (don't have it, but put it on hold)
  • Aladdin - my one copy of this has checked out over 300 times. I've seen previews that it's being released again, but no definite dates.
  • Lilo and Stitch 2 - the soundtrack. Very unavailable, but I was able to figure out the song they wanted was on that soundtrack.
  • Princess Sofia books
  • Superhero books for a six year old
  • Lego easy readers, which were all on my cart (and I, apparently, need new ones)
  • Sharks - everything in the Neighborhoods was out, so I gave them some from the juvenile nonfiction
  • a little girl picked Tokyo Mew Mew and her dad was like "what IS this?" I figured out she just wanted something pretty and gave her Tinkerbell comics instead, which would be easier to read.

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