Sunday, July 19, 2015

I feel chatty and in need of organization

and part of my to do list at home
My current library to-do list for August
  • Finish 500 Books Before Middle School (including arranging printing, stuffing envelopes, and marketing)
  • Update the outreach brochure for all first school visits in September and arrange printing in bulk for the next few years.
  • Print and laminate the Babies Need Books posters from ALSC. Update bathroom posters which are looking icky.
  • Sign for August activity table and make more booklets
  • Contact 3 elementary schools, 3 preschools, and homeschool group about field trips and programs in the fall. I am nothing if not optimistic. Start the conversation rolling on two potential author visits in spring and add in key school people to garden planning.
  • Write report for Friends on monies spent on programs so far and why we need a sink (other than it would be a dream fulfilled for me and my colleagues)
  • Summer report and monthly reports for Board, lay out year end report which I neglected to do last year and regretted, do first six months before I forget what happened
  • Train new aide and supervise transition from summer to school year (scheduling, projects, etc.)
  • Inventory (including processing missing lists and replacement orders)
  • Paint train table (hopefully my aide, who assures me he knows exactly what to do) will take care of this.
  • Grants - something I hate doing and wish we had someone else who could do it. I have at least two I'm looking at.
  • Go over all the marketing with my associate - she's going to do as much as possible before she goes on leave.
  • Draft winter/spring 2016 and prep programs as far as possible
Program Preparation
  • get ipad with osmo loaded and prepped for circulation and use in Tap to Play, work with Pattie to plan TTP
  • Bookaneers and Rock 'n' Read book club
  • Star Wars party
  • Fairy tale party
  • Winter Wigglers
  • We Explore Favorite artists
  • Update outreach programs as needed
  • Arrange performers
  • Update santa's kitchen and Paws to Read
  • Plan sewing workshop
  • Plan after school clubs (actually use list of ideas)
Other - I may or may not get to any of these things
  • DIY chalkboard blocks. There's a lumberyard in town that I could probably get the wood from, but it will need sanding and painting. Oy.
  • Song cube (to use in Winter Wigglers)
  • Flannelboards of Fernandes' Kitten series
  • Add series/character stickers to juvenile fiction (like those I put on the series shelves)
  • Update YA GN series spreadsheet and YA MANGA series spreadsheet
  • 800 Lexile list
  • Create library signs to hang at laundromat

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