Monday, August 31, 2015

Nonfiction Monday: Collared Lemming by Dee Phillips

This is an entry in one of Bearport's habitat series, "Arctic Animals: Life Outside the Igloo."

Lemmings are cute. Aside from that one fact (and the whole "jumping off cliffs" misconception) I didn't really know anything about these rodents. This simple nonfiction book takes the reader through their habitat, habits, appearance, predators, food, and more facts.

Back matter includes suggestions for projects, "Science Words" which is a glossary, a brief index, two suggested books, and a link to the publisher's website with more information.

This book is packed with photographs and information and is at an easy, intermediate reading level. I really like Bearport for filling in animal series fiction. They do a lot of high-interest titles with mostly helpful collection different types of animals or abilities. Their books are a little cheaper than the average library bound series nonfiction, but I feel like they offer more content that's still at a manageable level for intermediate readers. This series includes titles on the arctic fox, harp seal, polar bear, reindeer, and snowshoe hare.

Verdict: If you're updating your animal section, or if you need to support curriculum that covers habitats (I'm sorry, biomes) then this is a good series to select.

ISBN: 9781627245289; Published 2015 by Bearport; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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