Saturday, September 26, 2015

This week at the library; or, Reaching out to outreach

Thinking about weeding
the juvenile nonfiction.
What's going on; in my head and at the library
  • The real craziness begins this week. Last week was just pretend-craziness. School here started very late - after Labor Day - so my outreach isn't starting until this week. I'm also taking next week off so I had a lot of prep work to do.
  • Data. Daaaattaaaa. The official 2014 data was released today. Of course, I already had my happy data day dance with the preliminaries last summer, but I like to look again.
    • Service Population: 24,484
    • Children's materials circulation: 121,079
    • Children's e-content (which has nothing to do with me): 378
    • Children's programs: 364
    • Children's program attendance: 12,282
    • Teen programs (I count school visits): 24
    • Teen attendance: 456
  • My first visit to the after school community center for middle schoolers. There was a fairly small group there and I only checked out about 3 things. It would work a lot better if I had a mobile hotspot, but I don't think it's worth it for just this monthly group. If I ever started doing books by the pool in the summer though....the kids were absolutely enthralled with the Osmo though.
  • First visit back to one of my preschool/daycares. The threes and fours are so tiny at the beginning of the year!
  • Thursday I frantically rushed through all the misc. things I could think of that would need to be done, Friday I was gone all day at a workshop and then...vacation!
Some projects completed/in progress this week
  • Starting to put together materials for book clubs starting in October.
  • Shifted the manga - we're running out of space
  • Weeding YA - again, running out of space
Professional Development
  • Youth Services workshop - using technology, adapting services to kids with disabilities, starting an anime club and lots of other stuff.
  • Cybils. I am cybiling like crazy!
Stealth Programs and Displays
  • Nothing new!
What the kids are reading; A Selection
  • "how things work" for a four year old - Macaulay is really too old, I showed them some things in the nonfiction section and let them browse.
  • Pete the Cat
  • Trapani and other music-based books - Music section in neighborhoods.
  • Read-alikes for I Survived for a 5th grader. I survived true stories, Can you survive, Samantha Seiple, Expeditioners, Secret Files. I really need to make a list for this.
  • Leaf books, fall books, apple books.

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