Monday, October 26, 2015

Nonfiction Monday: Amazing Structures: Skyscrapers and Dams by Rebecca Pettiford

 These two titles are part of Pogo, new imprint from Jump! They're intended for beginning readers and cover many different subjects. These two titles are from the Amazing Structures series.

Skyscrapers starts with a relatable example - skyscrapers are like really, really tall towers of blocks. It briefly explains the history of skyscrapers, the inventions that made the first skyscrapers possible, and how they are built. Cool skyscrapers are profiled throughout the book and it ends with an inspirational suggestion about building skyscrapers in the future.

Activities give instructions for building a skyscraper out of cardboard blocks, a glossary, index, and directions to the publisher's website.

The book also includes plentiful pictures of the different workers needed to make a skyscraper and there is a good diversity displayed, including people of color and women, in the different jobs.

Dams begins with a basic definition of dams and explains why there are important. It talks about how different dams are made and what they are used for. There is a simple explanation of hydroelectricity and the use of locks and spillways. The book also mentions civil engineers, who build dams, picturing a woman in the photograph. There is an activity to build a dam, glossary, index, and link to the publisher's website.

These are both serviceable titles and appear to be accurate and researched. I especially liked the diversity of workers pictured. If you have kids interested in how structures work (and I really wish I'd had these when that four year old wanted them) they will make a good addition to your collection.

Verdict: This isn't a must-have series, but if you are looking to update this subject, it's a good choice.

Published July 2015 by Pogo/Jump!; Review copies provided by the publisher; Donated to the library

ISBN: 9781620312100

ISBN: 9781620312131

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