Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Land Shark by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Ben Mantle

Beth Ferry, author of the quirky Stick and Stone, returns with another kooky story that's sure to grab readers' attention and tickle their funny bone.

Bobby loves sharks and he has a plan to get one of his very own. Everything seems to be going well and he has high hopes when he enters the garage to see his birthday present, which his parents assure him is just what he wanted...a puppy! WHAT??!! Bobby is disappointed, disgusted, and utterly upset. There is no way he will ever be a dog lover. He's a shark lover and nothing but a shark will do! Sharks are not cute and cuddly. Sharks are destructive forces of nature with a keen sense of smell and awesome biting abilities. Hmmm.....maybe, just maybe, Bobby can love something that's not a shark...

Mantle's colorful art shows determined, delightfully quirky Bobby in all his moods from planning to struggling not to cry (shark lovers don't cry) to finally happy and back to planning again. The pictures are gloriously goofy as Bobby slowly changes his mind and comes to like his new pet, even if it's not what he expected.

Verdict: For every kid who's ever wanted a pet or been disappointed by the "wrong" present and for shark lovers everywhere. Perfect for a dramatic read-aloud to kindergarteners. Recommended.

ISBN: 9781452124582; Published 2015 by Chronicle; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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