Saturday, January 16, 2016

This week at the library; or, Why is this happening to me? I have always been a patron of the arts!

However, despite the insanity of this week,
I have TWO Swimmy bags from Kohls.
Theoretically, I could give one to a friend.
What's Happening in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • Playgroup with Pattie
    • Read with Pearl  cancelled due to weather
    • Tiny Tots (Pattie)
    • I started Monday by finding a stinkbug on my toothbrush and going to the dentist. Now I think I have a cold. Why? WHY?
  • Tuesday
    • Toddlers 'n' Books (2 sessions) (Pattie)
    • Rock 'n' Read
    • I definitely have a cold. WHY ME?
  • Wednesday
    • Winter Wigglers: Block Party (Jess)
    • January Outreach: Under the Snow (4 sessions)
    • Thankfully my outreach combined their last two classes. I didn't think I could make it through a fifth rendition of storytime. I decided it's time to go back through all my "what the kids are reading" for 2015 for any requests I missed. Also dealing with Calendar Chaos. Planning, oy.
  • Thursday
    • Books 'n' Babies (Pattie)
    • Messy Art Club: Collage
    • Did I mention it's also the Book and Bake sale, so I squashed Messy Art Club into the Storyroom? And that I bit my tongue while it was numb on Monday and it STILL hurts? And that I can't breathe? And then we had an Incident and I finished Thursday spending about an hour with police and panic. I have no words.
    • I plunged my first toilet of the new year.
  • Friday
    • No programs today. I was, to put it mildly, trepidatious about what the day might hold, especially when I heard what happened after I left last night. Thankfully, while many, many things went wrong, none of them were my problem. Phew. I left early to do a Walmart run and the week was over, to my vast relief.
  • Meeting for summer reading
  • Updating outreach storytimes
  • Weeding 500s
  • Cleaning out and relabeling magazines
What the kids are reading
  • It Takes Two (promised patron the newest one when I ordered it)
  • Alice by Naylor (need to keep buying the Denos covers)
  • Stranded series (need to fill in)
  • character-building books
  • Disney classic movies
  • Octonauts
  • No dogs allowed (I don't have any Bill Wallace) they went with Boys are Dogs for their book report instead

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