Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Reindeer Girl by Holly Webb

Lotta is thrilled to take her first journey to Norway and meet her great-grandmother, her oldeforeldre. Even more, she can't wait to see real reindeer! Lotta slowly learns more about the reindeer and her Sami ancestors and their way of life. When she escapes a noisy party to hide with Oldeforeldre, she hears amazing stories and as she drifts off to sleep the stories become real...

Lotta awakes at a very different time and place; she is with a whole clan of Sami, following the reindeer. She experiences adventure, heartbreak, and the warmth of family before awaking. But her adventure has left a special surprise for both her and her great-grandmother.

The simple line illustrations carry over the same sweet, cozy feel of the cover. Although darker points are touched on - Sami children being forced to abandon their heritage and go to school, reindeer dying, etc. there is a gentle, happy feel to the story overall.

Verdict: I really liked this. It introduces a culture and history new to most readers, has cute animals, and is just an overall happy, interesting read. Not available in the US unfortunately though. I don't know how accurate the representation of the Sami is, but it's a nice introduction.

ISBN: 9781847154460; Published 2013 by Little Tiger Press; Purchased with personal funds; Donated to the library

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