Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Peek-a-Boo Zoo by Joyce Wan

I am personally not much of a fan of the cute, but....who can resist Joyce Wan? This is one of her newer board books, which I wrested from the hands of adoring moms and babies so I could review it.

I'm just going to tell you upfront: The cover has glitter on it. Live with it. It won't last forever. Each spread has a little rhyme on the left giving clues and a cute and cuddly animal on the right playing peek-a-boo. Lift the flap and see the animal. "I am a cool bird./I waddle and slide./In the ice-cold sea,/I swim and glide." The rhymes aren't earth-shattering and won't present a challenge to older children, but that's not the intended audience. This is a cute and comforting book, perfect to cuddle up with a baby or toddler and enjoy a good game of peek-a-boo.

Wan's illustrations are super cute with lots of rounded colors, thick lines and simple shapes. The flaps are attached at the bottom and rounded at the top (they open down) and you can easily reinforce them with a little library tape to extend the life of the book.

Verdict: Everybody needs a little cute and peek-a-boo is never out of style. Buy it.

ISBN: 9780545750424; Published 2015 by Cartwheel/Scholastic; Purchased for the library.

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