Friday, March 11, 2016

The Great Pet Escape by Victoria Jamieson

Oh, I have been WAITING for this with bated breath! New graphic novel from Victoria Jamieson, author of Roller Girl! Featuring class pets including a guinea pig! Obviously funny! Happily, it did not disappoint.

GW, otherwise known as George Washington, is determined to break out of prison, i.e. second grade, where he's being held as the class pet. But first he needs a invention...and his best buddies, Barry and Biter. He's got the invention, he's got the smarts, he's got the...pals? Uh-oh. Barry and Biter (her name is Sunflower now) have been brainwashed! But they won't desert the Furry Fiends, even when they meet their greatest challenge yet - the villainous Harriet the mouse and her minions!

The art is perfect; light and funny and skillfully detailed, Jamieson's style shines through in the glimpses of kids and she expands to include the exuberant animals of her earlier picture books.

Both adults and children will find this funny from Sunflower's "conversion" to the running gag of the disappearing mice and will be waiting eagerly for more adventures of the Furry Fiends.

Verdict: Hand to fans of Guinea PI, fans of funny comics, and everyone who thinks hamsters are furry little geniuses. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 9781627791052; Published 2016 by Henry Holt; Purchased for the library

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