Thursday, April 21, 2016

Infestation by Timothy J. Bradley

How did I miss this?? This book is PURE AWESOME.

So, Andy is a foster kid. After his latest foster family turns out to be awful, he can't resist a little revenge and finds himself packed off to a very unusual reformatory "school" in the desert. If this sounds a bit like Holes....never fear, the GIANT ANTS ARE COMING.

Andy expects that things will be pretty miserable. What he doesn't expect is the very strange staff, the dilapidated building, or the bugs. Everywhere. It's not long before he's teamed up with a couple other boys to investigate the closed off parts of the building. They make a horrible discovery, which triggers off an even more horrific event. From here on out, it's survival and entomology all the way.

Although SPOILER most of the boys and adults die early on and this is a book about giant mutated ants, it's oddly not graphic. I think it's the scientific tone that focuses the book and keeps it from being a gorefest. Basically, it's a fast-paced science adventure that sucked me in from the beginning. There's a happy ending but also a hint at future adventures; unfortunately, since this came out several years ago it looks as though there will be no follow-up.

Verdict: This booktalks itself "It's Holes but with GIANT ANTS". A great summer read for kids who want a fast-paced mystery/adventure and enjoy science. I buy plenty of paperbacks and will happily add this to my collection. If the author felt like writing more *hint hint* I would buy those too.

ISBN: 9780545459044; Published 2013 by Scholastic; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library


Tim Bradley said...

Hi, Jennifer--

Thanks for the nice review of INFESTATION! I appreciate it.

I'm actually working on another story set in the INFESTATION universe, called DRONE. I uploaded a sketch of the new bugs up on my Goodreads page:

It's going to be another fast-paced mix of horror and sci fi for middle graders! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it published.



Jennifer said...

It has my vote!