Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Animal Babies by Julia Groves

Each of these books is a collection of colorful prints, featuring pairs of animals. Animal babies in the meadow! includes a hare and leverets, butterfly and caterpillars, horse and foal, sheep and lambs, spider and spiderlings, goose and goslings.

Animal babies on the mountain! includes alpaca and cria, lynx and kittens, eagle and eaglets, panda and cub, goat and kids, wolf and cubs. Animal babies in the forest! pairs deer and fawn, raccoon and kits, woodpecker and chicks, orangutan and infant, snake and neonates, owl and owlets. The last title in this quartet, Animal babies in the river! includes swan and cygnets, crocodile and hatchlings, otter and pups, frog and tadpoles, salmon and fry, duck and ducklings.

Each spread contrasts an adult animal on the left with its baby on the right. The text is limited to one word titles for each illustration. Most of the baby names are very specific and accurate - leveret, cria, kit, etc. However, a few are very odd choices. While a baby snake can be called a neonate, it's not a word I've ever heard commonly used. The text is the same font as on the covers, a looping modified cursive. Each illustration is a stamped print on a bold colored background. Detail varies greatly in the stamped print; Some of my favorites were the duck, frog, salmon, and raccoon kits. The goat kids had some excellent detail as well. However, some of the parent animals, especially the deer, horse, and swan, felt smeared and did not have enough detail for easy identification.

Verdict: Although this didn't strike me as a must-have, mainstream board book series, the pictures are overall attractive and some parents and kids will enjoy the extra vocabulary words. A fun additional purchase.

Published 2016 by Child's Play; Review copies provided by the publisher; Donated to the library

Animal babies in the meadow
ISBN: 9781846438790

Animal babies on the mountain
ISBN: 9781846438813

Animal babies in the forest
ISBN: 9781846438783

Animal babies in the river
ISBN: 9781846438806

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