Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper by Michael Reisman

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Scientific superpowers, evil villains, and excellent pizza! When Simon Bloom and his friends find an old physics textbook, their lives change forever...Simon discovers he can control the laws of physics with the formulas in his book. At first, it's all defying gravity and playing with science but when two thugs show up Simon discovers there's a lot more going on than science.

The flow of the story was a little choppy at first, especially the off-site narrator thread, which never quite fit the story, but the basic plot was strong and it made me laugh. Therefore, it rateth high on my list. Plus, what graduate student hasn't felt like a sparrow? And who doesn't want to try flying? I actually read the scientific bits, which I usually skip in science fiction, but I was pulled into the story enough that I wanted to follow the science behind the science-bending powers. A fun, fast read.

Verdict: There's a distinct lack of good science fiction for elementary and middle grades. This story is an interesting combination of science fiction and fantasy, with an emphasis on science. Recommended for younger elementary students who can handle the length and for middle grade students whether or not they think they like science!

Revisited: This first title is only available in paperback. A sequel is out of print and the third book is only available in ebook format. This is a pity because, although these books rarely check out on their own, every time I recommend them kids love them. The author seems to be no longer writing (at least his website has no updated news since the ebook was released several years ago) which is too bad; although I don't think the writing is award-worthy, it's certainly a fun and popular read and the mix of science is a great addition.

ISBN: 978-0525479222; Published February 2008 by Dutton; Purchased for the library

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