Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stick Cat by Tom Watson

Usually I have no issue recommending books I haven't read. I've been recommending Stick Dog for years without having cracked one open. However, having finally picked up and read a title, due to an emergency lack of books during lunch (yes, I do work in a library) I have to admit that I have been recommending these all wrong.

Stick Cat is the start of a new series (although the author assures us that Stick Dog will continue) and features, wait for it, Stick Cat. The "author" of the books purports to be a kid, who happens to have a crush on a girl, who happens to like cats, and who happened to request a cat story. Hence, Stick Cat. In this first book we are introduced to Stick Cat and his friend Edith. They play exciting games that involve staring at each other, sleeping, and listening to Edith go off on weird tangents. They also enjoy listening to a piano tuner in the next building over play music. But when there's a nasty accident, can Stick Cat and Edith work together to save the day?

The book is a typical notebook novel, with hand-drawn sketches of cats, people, and other doodles and printed on a faux-notebook paper.

I found it unutterably boring. I am being truly honest here. I did not understand how kids think this is funny and I found Stick Cat's attitude towards Edith (and Edith's character) rather stereotypical as well. But you know what? I am not the audience for this book. And this is where I've been making a mistake - I've been recommending it as a read-alike for Wimpy Kid, which it is, but it's also much, much younger than I realized. I should have been recommending this to kids who aren't ready for Wimpy Kid yet.

Verdict: Despite my own disinterest, this series is perfect for younger kids who enjoy silly humor and easier chapter books and older readers who just want something to relax with for a little while. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780062411006; Published 2017 by Harper; Purchased for the library

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Ms. Yingling said...

Stick Cat is vastly different from Stick Dog. The next time you need an emergency book, you should look at Stick Dog Tries to Take the Doughnuts. I found it very amusing. I definitely recommend these to middle schoolers who like Wimpy Kid, so You're not wrong!