Saturday, June 11, 2016

This week at the library; or, Zero Hour

Working on sewing samples for the workshop next week
Yes, that is a bunny with hypnotic eyes and mini-fangs
What's going on in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • Jess gone, cleaning up from Festival, cleaning off desk, how can there be so much stuff on my desk when I was only here last Friday?? Pearl couldn't make it today, still no attendees at the Autism support group, but we'll try some more publicity. More summer planning.
  • Tuesday
    • Third grade field trip (2 classes)
    • OPtions summer presentation
    • I let the third graders and homeschoolers check out books from the presentation, since they are the last groups. I wasn't sure I could use up all the time for the third graders, especially since they were so squirrelly, but they didn't want to leave! Board meeting for OPtions in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday
    • Middle school presentations
    • Summer reading sign-up, collection development (sending my big summer order tomorrow hopefully) and writing up budget requests.
  • Thursday
    • Mother Goose on the Loose (Pattie)
    • Middle school presentations
    • Working through the order list for June (basically a big order for the whole summer) and caught up on a webinar. Because I can multitask.
  • Friday
    • Family Camp-Out
    • I came in late, did some random things, did the camp-out, and went home.
  • Saturday
    • Safety Shower (Pattie)
    • Summer reading officially begins. I left early and got ice and refreshments for the knitters and doughnuts for the staff (and me). Pattie handed out stuff and was awesome in the lobby and I signed people up for summer reading in the library and got a few random things done. Working on my sewing samples for the maker workshop too. Pretty quiet day.
Professional Development
  • Managing Children's Services: Scheduling and Time Management in the Youth Services Department (ALSC webinar)
What the kids are reading, a selection
  • Very picky preschooler, said no to everything. I failed.
  • read-alikes for Kasie West. Deb Caletti and a couple other ones
  • Greek mythology
  • chapter books - wanted Monster High, was satisfied with Ever After High
  • books about presidents
  • third grade visit
    • guinea pigs and gymnastics
    • Hamster Princess
    • Telgemeier
    • Wimpy Kid
    • books to read aloud to a younger sibling - National Geographic
  • Middle schoolers were enthusiastic about everything. I love 6th graders! Awkward, Wishing Day, Bubonic Plague, all were popular.
  • Octavia Spencer Ninja Detective. Available at another library
  • Panda and horse chapters - suggested National Geographic chapters and Silver Pony Ranch
  • Dystopian/action/romance/realistic - Forest of Hands and Teeth, Elizabeth Scott
  • Warriors
  • Recommended DK Adventures and You Choose -need more of these hybrid books
  • Pokemon - really wish they'd publish new easy readers and/or chapter books
  • Emily Feather
  • Shannon Messenger
  • Magic Tree House fan - talked to parents a little and recommended Notebook of Doom
  • Fuku Fuku kitten - need to put all the kids' manga together or something...
  • Rick Riordan
  • Toni Yuly and Laura Wall
  • Panda books
  • Origami
  • Stick Cat
  • Stinky Cecil

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Ms Fictitious said...

We just this year moved all of the kids graphic novels to the end of the range. So far so good!