Saturday, July 23, 2016

This week at the library; or, Week 6

What's happening in my head and at the library
This week coincided with Farm Technology Days in our county. Take a moment to google it and you'll see it's a HUGE deal. A lot of our staff were there (I took one look at "50,000 people" and "record heat" and volunteered to hold down the fort at the library....). I am feeling very meh about taking pictures of anything that is not my garden.
  • Monday
    • Open Garden with Jess
    • Autism Support Group
    • In which we have a long discussion about the ethics of killing bees who are by our book drop. Except they turned out to be wasps/hornets, which we all were ok with killing. Mostly. Pearl the reading dog was under the weather (probably literally - who would be a Great Pyrenees in the summer?) and so we cancelled that program for today. I got most of the program plans for this very busy week finished and we hashed out more things we need to discuss for the fall. It was a full moon.
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • We Explore Favorite Artist Denise Fleming
    • I was partly asleep for this. I admit it. I had to take my mom to the airport very early in the morning and sort of drifted through the day. We were pretty quiet after a morning rush though. I spent most of the day after my program 
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Explore Elkhorn Field Trip (3rd/4th grade)
    • Maker Workshop: Brushbots
    • This is a warning to me not to do programs I'm not fully invested in...I felt like I needed at least one more "techy" Maker Workshop and picked this because I've done it before. Well, the first thing was that the supplier I usually use for the brushbots, Maker Shed, was out. I should have cancelled the program then. Instead, I ordered them from a different site and had to limit attendance because I had fewer kits. Then I suddenly realized these kids needed batteries. I really dislike doing things that are so limited and I should have remembered that. This was very popular and I *might* do it again next year, but I will purchase more kits and be better prepared.
What the kids are reading: A selection
  • Big Nate
  • tree identification for a preschooler - Crinkleroot
  • first request for Max Crumbly - I only bought one copy to start, may need more now that it's gaining traction
  • Lawn boy by Paulsen
  • Gave someone National Geographic's I read you read - I need to buy more We Read from treasure bay
  • gymnastics, olympics - all the new stuff i bought is gone already!
  • dinosaurs
  • world war II - teen
  • 52 story treehouse
  • minecraft
  • photography
  • building
  • legos
  • easy readers/reading levels
  • My little pony

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