Friday, August 26, 2016

Small Readers: Giraffes by Jennifer Dussling

This nonfiction easy reader not only focuses on the habitats, behavior, and life cycle of giraffes, it also talks about their history and relationship with humans.

Giraffes are introduced as one of the "coolest animals" in Africa. People once thought they were mixes of camels and leopards, but we now know this is not true. The book explains giraffes' unique neck and bone structure, and how their necks and tongues help them eat acacia leaves and avoid thorns. Different predators of the giraffe and their defenses are shown, as well as their mating habits. There are several photographs showing how giraffes' skin patterns differ, and also a spread on the sounds they make. Finally, the book talks about the threats to giraffes and an unusual giraffe zoo in England.

Level 3 is for "transitional readers" so this is more challenging, almost into paragraphs. I still find some of the text difficult to read, as it's placed on different-colored backgrounds, from dark, blurry photographs to patterned colors. The photographs are fine, but they're not particularly eye-catching.

Verdict: An additional purchase if you need more high-level nonfiction easy readers.

ISBN: 9780448489698; Published 2016 by Penguin Young Readers; Review copy provided by the publisher

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