Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spring: A Pop-Up Book by David A. Carter

I don't normally review, or purchase, pop-up books and other novelty books. However, I liked this one so much that I might actually add it to my small professional collection of pop-up books we use in storytime, or maybe put it in a toy bag.

Six spreads showcase delightful pop-up art. It's not so simple that it's boring or so complex that it's beyond a small child. The first spread shows a multi-layered, three-dimensional water lily rising from a pond. Various things are labeled, a dragonfly, tadpoles, koi, etc. There is also simple text "Raindrops fall from the sky, pitter-pat." The next spread continues the text, "making the tree frogs croak, ribbit, ribbit." and has branches of a blossoming cherry tree stretching out from between the pages. The third spread features three bees circling a pop-out of meadow flowers and the fourth decorates a rosebush with various creatures. The fifth opens a blooming dogwood tree above the book, complete with robin, nest, and hungry babies and the last spread slots a triangular bouquet of flowers in another meadow.

The book is a small size, about 7x7 inches, with a bright, colorful color scheme. The pop-ups are not particularly sturdy; several of theme include pieces that are only loosely slotted into place. However, I don't think I've ever seen a really sturdy pop-up book - after all, what would be the point?

Verdict: If you buy pop-up books, this is a delightful choice. Colorful, clever, and an enjoyable experience to introduce younger children to the delights of movable books.

ISBN: 9781419719127; Published 2016 by Abrams Appleseed; Borrowed from another library in our consortium

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