Saturday, August 20, 2016

This week at the library; or week with vacation

Next summer is a building theme. Hmmm, building, coral, I
think there's an idea there. I also want to do a display on all
the reasons Finding Dory is bad for fish, only more tactfully,
but that's a different discussion.
What's going on in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • Supervisory stuff. Smelling toy bags to find the bad-smell culprit. reader's advisory meeting with a patron (why does Scholastic Reading Counts crash every summer without fail??). going through new books. cleaning off my desk. working on updating the toy bags.
  • Tuesday - Thursday
    • Vacation! I went to Chicago to visit the Shedd with Sara the Librarian, we also went out for yummy food several times, I did bits of this and that and cleaning and writing. I also started an afghan, using a pattern! I've never tried this before.
  • Friday
    • Back to work. Next time I take vacation it will be the whole week and that is all I have to say about THAT.
  • Finished redoing the Read 'n' Play bags, now tackling the handful of Imagine a Story and the bags that weren't redone with tips. I've weeded out the bags with costumes - they are being cleaned and will then alternate in our new dress-up corner.
Fall Schedule
I think we have it mostly figured out through December, although I still have to schedule outreach and field trips. Of course there are other things - conferences and substitutes for programs and vacations and things...
  • Monday
    • Morning - Jess on the desk, Pattie has two playgroups a month
    • Afternoon - Jess on the desk, I have off desk time to do important managerial things
    • Evening - I work the information desk, twice a month Pattie has Tiny Tots, twice a month Autism Support Group
  • Tuesday
    • Morning - I'm on the desk, Pattie has 2 toddler storytimes
    • Afternoon - I'm on the desk, charter school meets at the library
    • Late afternoon/early evening - I have book club twice a month
  • Wednesday
    • Outreach/Field Trips (September-October)
  • Thursday
    • Morning - Jess is on the desk, Pattie has baby storytime
    • Afternoon - either Jess or I cover an hour on the information desk
    • Late afternoon - after school club
  • Friday
    • Outreach
  • Saturday
    • I'm supervising the Ice Age Trail Mammoth Hunt in September
    • Pattie is doing It's Great to be 3 in October and Jess and I are both working a Saturday at the information desk (mine will coincide with Pattie's program)
    • Fairy Tale Adventure in November and it's my turn to work the Saturday after Thanksgiving
    • Scholastic book sale and Santa's Kitchen in December and Jess is working a Saturday

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