Friday, September 9, 2016

Mango & Bambang: The Not-a-Pig by Polly Faber, illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

Bambang forever! I don't care about anything else, IT'S A TAPIR. And they are not pigs!

Mango Allsorts is a girl with many abilities, not least the ability to keep working at things that are hard. One day, coming back from her karate lesson, she sees a strange lump in the road. A lump which turns out to be a very frightened creature called Bambang, who does NOT like tigers. Bambang is not a pig - he is a tapir. Together they have lots of adventures. There's the time Bambang tries on hats and gets into trouble with Dr. Cynthia Prickle-Posset, the adventure of finding a just-right swimming pool, meeting George, and finally the story of the tapir's song.

Vulliamy's purple, black and white illustrations are an exquisite accompaniment to this most delightful of British tales. Mango is pert and charming, with determination and character. Bambang is just the kind of tapir everyone would want to be friends with - a little lumpish at times, but always adorable and eager to be friends.

Verdict: Sometimes British books like this are too British to appeal to American audiences, but I really don't care on this one. It's a tapir! It's funny and adorable and sweet. A great read-aloud to younger children and a fun choice for beginning chapter readers who like quirky books. Mango is also a strong female character, which I love. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780763682262; Published 2016 by Candlewick; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library

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