Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Small Readers: Stinky by Eleanor Davis

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This is the only Geisel winner/honor our library doesn't have, so I thought I'd check it out! It's on the classic and pervasive easy reader theme of friendship. A slightly lonely, but generally happy monster in a swamp, and a new kid in town. At first, Stinky doesn't think he could ever be friends with a HUMAN! They like to eat yucky things like cake and take baths! But maybe they're not so different....

It's a fun and engaging storyline, easy for children to predict, but familiar and humorous. The comic panels are excellently designed for the early reader experience and the art is clean-cut and elegant.

While the story defaults to male, both characters could easily have identified as female, adding a little diversity to the swamp. This is a more challenging easy reader, almost a chapter book, with the combination of art and text requiring a fairly fluent reader. It's one of the earlier Toon books and a particular favorite of mine. It's funny, child-friendly, and engaging and at a nice level for readers not ready for chapter books yet.

Verdict: Definitely an honor winner! I'll be adding this one to our collection and I suggest you do the same.

[Revisited: Over the past few years, our easy reader collection has shifted to work more towards emergent readers and lower level readers. Meanwhile, Toon has gotten more and more sophisticated. We have 3 copies of this and it circulates regularly, but not heavily. I still love it, but if you missed it the first time it came out I wouldn't feel the urge to go back and purchase it.]

ISBN: 978-0979923845; Published September 2008 by Toon Books; Purchased for the library

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