Friday, September 30, 2016

Tales of Sasha: The Big Secret by Alexa Pearl, illustrated by Paco Sordo

Have you been looking, without success, for beginning chapter books to assuage the cries of horse fans and My Little Pony readers? Look no farther. Sasha is here!

Sasha isn't like the other horses in her valley. She's not good at staying in line and doing what she's told and she looks different - pale grey with a white patch on her back. On top of that, she has a strange desire to leap and climb! It's like the patch on her back wants her to jump. But how can that be? Then her patch starts sparkling...and suddenly she has wings and she can FLY! Are there more big secrets her parents haven't been telling her?

This beginning chapter book has everything horse-loving little readers will adore - lots of horsey fun, a sprinkling of magic, wish-fulfillment (who wouldn't like to discover they're secretly magical?) and a little mystery.

Verdict: Hand this to fans of Critter Club, Rainbow Magic, My Little Pony, and horse fans in general. That is, if it's ever on the shelf long enough to recommend to anyone! An absolute must for your beginning chapter collections.

ISBN: 9781499803891; Published January 2017 by Little Bee/Bonnier; ARC provided by publisher at BEA

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