Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Parenting Collection

In my heart, it's still called "Tough Topics." We've moved this around a lot, tried different labels, re-cataloged it, added learning aides (which will eventually be listed on my Read 'n' Play blog) and this year, since I finally went through the juvenile nonfiction and found things that should have been moved before and since I had money put aside, I decided it was time to tackle the section.

We decided to redo the labels, formerly in Dewey which was cumbersome, into simple subject headings. Our headings right now are:
  • Adoption
  • Bullying
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Emotions
  • Illness
  • Family
  • Puberty
  • Safety
  • Special Needs
    • Autism
This is how I decide what items go into Parenting and what goes into the picture book neighborhoods

The parenting section includes materials meant to be used with preschool and school-age children. It includes issues parents will want to introduce themselves (death, puberty, divorce), specific issues (special needs, adoption, emotion, bullying) and tough topics like safety (sexual abuse) and illness. These books are intended to teach; if you have a book that teaches you about asthma, it will be in the parenting section. If you have a book that happens to have a character with asthma who plays soccer, it will be in the sports neighborhood. Another example; Goyangi means cat by Christine McDonnell is a lovely book about family and home that features an international adoption. This book is in the family section of the picture book neighborhoods. On the other hand, Mr. Rogers' Let's talk about it: Adoption (yes, it's ancient) is in Parenting.

General growing up titles - potty training, learning to share, sleeping in your own bed, families (traditional and non-traditional), the five senses, books about your body that are strictly anatomical - all these are in the Ourselves neighborhood. This has three subheadings: Family, Feelings, Growing Up.

Materials aimed at parents like "how to potty train your child in ten days or less" and "how to deal with kids when they drive you crazy and have them do all your chores for you in five days or less" are in the adult nonfiction.

I am currently building a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the items in this collection. It was requested by the school; I'm previously provided a list of sex ed and puberty books for them. You can view it here (please note it is under construction as well as waiting for new materials later this fall).

I also have two reading lists:

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