Saturday, September 10, 2016

This week at the library; or, Fall begins!

What's going on in my head and at the library
  • Monday - Closed for holiday
  • Tuesday
    • Toddlers 'n' Books (2 sessions) (Pattie)
    • Bookaneers
    • The 3-D printer is back. I find the sound...distracting. A nice, relatively peaceful start to the week. Miserable weather outside but for once it's nice and cool inside. First day back at school, so still setting up field trips, outreach, etc.
    • I want to start a middle school book club, primarily sixth grade, that's all nonfiction and comics. (I didn't say I was going to, I said I want to)
  • Wednesday
    • No programs. This left me free to begin crisis weeding in the YA and clean out some more Maker Kits, among other things.
  • Thursday
    • Books 'n' Babies (Pattie)
    • Lego Club
    • I was a little disappointed by the turn out for Lego Club, but reminded myself we usually start a week later in the fall and it will take time to get going. It was a long day.
  • Friday
    • I finished the Parenting reorganization. I looked at my desk. There is a lot of stuff on my desk. I left.
  • Saturday
    • Mammoth Hunt with the Ice Age Trail Alliance
    • I want to make slideshows for these. It was very cute and the kids had fun. We had to do it all indoors, since the weather was rainy. Of course it cleared up after we finished. Typical. Juuuuust typical.
What the kids are reading: A selection
  • How to eat fried worms
  • Finding Dory book
  • 39 Clues
  • Flat Stanley
  • Arthur chapter books
  • Easy reader suggestions
  • Yes, I do need more copies of Chronicles of Narnia
  • Discussion of movies for younger children. I'm always happy when I can recommend my favorites!
  • Mr. Ball
  • Timely. As I'm updating the parenting books a parent asked for some!
  • craft and cooking books

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Laura said...

The part about your desk made me LOL. That's me all the time.