Friday, October 21, 2016

Blast Back! Ancient Egypt by Nancy Ohlin, illustrated by Adam Larkum

I am so excited about this new series; it's a nonfiction, beginning chapter book which is perfect for my Magic Tree House fans and for my book clubs!

After a brief introduction, the book walks readers through the basic geography, religion, culture, and history of Ancient Egypt. It packs a lot of information into a little over 100 pages, including daily life, famous rulers, important events, and some natural history. The last few chapters talk about the end of the Ancient Egyptian civilization as it was conquered by the Romans and how archaeologists learn about the past, including the Rosetta Stone. It finishes with some of the legacy of Ancient Egypt.

The book includes a list of future topics for the series, a simple bibliography and biographies of the creators.

Larkum's line drawings add the perfect note of humor, while not caricaturing the customs or people. They have a classic cartoon feel and break the text up just enough.

I was rather disappointed with Little Bee's Hideous History series, but this is just right. It's the perfect length and interest level for beginning readers, includes a reasonable amount of information without being too graphic or one-sided, includes sources, and is both fun and informative. It's also available in both hardcover and paperback.

Verdict: I will buy them all! You should buy them all too! I can't wait to use them in book club. The only question in my mind now is where to put them - with our paperback beginning chapter series or in the juvenile nonfiction?

ISBN: 9781499801163; Published April 2016 by Little Bee; Review copy provided by the publisher at BEA

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