Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Small Readers: We are growing! by Laurie Keller

Elephant and Piggie are gone but not forgotten; their legacy continues in a new imprint, Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! This is one of the first two titles to debut in the series.

Laurie Keller, author of such oddball favorites as Arnie the Doughnut and The Scrambled States of America, does not disappoint in bringing her trademark humor to this comic-style easy reader. Eight blades of grass are all the same until they start growing. Soon they begin to have different shapes - the tallest, the crunchiest, the dandiest - but what is Walt? While they're trying to decide, BUZZZ along comes the lawnmower. Now nobody is the -est at anything anymore. Or are they?

The story is bookended by Elephant and Piggie introducing an exciting new story and then commenting that it is the "funniest". Keller's art focuses on the eight grass blades. Although it lacks the white background of Willems' work, the soft shades of green and faint shadows work admirably and the contrasting colors of the speech bubbles are an excellent choice for beginning readers.

Verdict: A great first entry in a new series, sure to charm children and grown-ups alike.

ISBN: 9781484726358; Published 2016 by Hyperion; Purchased for the library

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