Saturday, October 1, 2016

This week at the library; or, I'm not at the library

Vacation! I was off Monday - Thursday and came in on Friday and Saturday. I had Craft-o-Rama on Friday, which is basically the Storyroom open with crafts all day long, 10-5pm. On Saturday, I worked the information desk and Pattie ran "It's Great to be Three" a program for three year olds.

During vacation I reviewed books, cleaned my apartment, gardened, had a sinus infection, put together a new chair (old one broke), worked on Cybils, went out to eat with Sara the Librarian, cataloged my trashy romance ebooks, worked on the brick walls around my garden, read books, did paperwork, cleaned the kitchen, and went on walks. I felt miserable for most of it, but at least I was productive, even though I didn't feel particularly productive.

In the day and a half back at work and in between desk shifts, I tackled updating the outreach plans (needed for next week), cleaned off my desk, wrote reports and processed statistics, started prep for book club on Tuesday, updated outreach schedules, answered emails, refilled displays, tackled more of the toys waiting to be updated, worked on Facebook posts, and worked on planning the fairy tale adventure.

I'm not sure if I'm rested or not.

I went to a wedding. It was lovely - the bride was a fairy princess! I have never been interested in having a wedding, but after seeing that dress....

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