Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Big Chickie, Little Chickie: A book of opposites by Janee Trasler

The chickies are back for another silly, fun book.

It's picture time and the chickies are getting ready. They jump in and out of the chest to look for clothes, whisper and shout, make little and big costumes, and finally get their picture taken with a silly pig. They look at the pictures of smiling and frowning, of hatching from their eggs, and remember all their fun adventures.

This is supposed to be a book of opposites, but I found the concept aspect of it to be weak. The interruptions of the pig and cow threw off the rhyme and the opposites and the concept was weak at best. However, as a cute, funny story it works quite well.

The book is a sturdy square with a slightly padded cover. I prefer to avoid padded covers because they tend to, in my experience, be less sturdy. I've had to replace several of the Chickie books previously due to this. However, this series is popular enough that I'd overlook the padded cover and purchase it anyways.

Verdict: While I wouldn't recommend it as a concept book, it's a fun addition to a popular series that parents and kids enjoy.

ISBN: 9780062342317; Published 2016 by HarperCollins; Purchased for the library

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