Friday, November 25, 2016

Small Readers: Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit by Cece Bell

Rabbit is going to surprise his best friend Robot. But Robot already has a friend visiting - a new friend, Ribbit. Robot and Ribbit are playing a game of checkers and Rabbit can't understand why Robot wants to be with this boring friend - all she says is "ribbit!" Will the three ever be able to agree and be friends together?

This easy reader is closer to a beginning chapter book than an easy reader, but it still has limited text and art. Cece Bell shows her mastery of this spare medium by communicating complex concepts through her humorous prose and illustrations. The complications of friendship and community are both explored as Rabbit struggles with his feelings at seeing the close friendship between Ribbit and Robot, which he can't join in. When Robot is in trouble, Ribbit and Rabbit have to join together to help him, building a bond between them as well.

Bell's art has a 2d, flat look that actually works quite well for this tongue-in-cheek story. It will take a fairly competent reader to pick up on all the textual and visual clues, but the right reader will find plenty to make them giggle and reflect in this story.

Verdict: A good choice if you're looking for more high-level easy readers.

ISBN: 9780763679354; Published 2016 by Candlewick; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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