Friday, January 20, 2017

Animal Planet Chapter Books: Sharks!, Dinosaurs! by Lori Stein

This is a new series of beginning chapter, nonfiction books from Animal Planet.

The first title is Sharks! and the second is Dinosaurs! Both present a basic overview of the creature, their evolution, habitat and habits, and mentions of scientific discoveries about them. Dinosaurs includes a discussion of fossils and recent discoveries; Sharks covers their endangered status and a brief reference to shark attacks.

Both titles include photographs, current news clips, an attractive layout that includes colored borders and additional facts, further resources, glossary, and sources.

I'm of two minds about these books. On the one hand, I honestly found them dull. The information was presented reasonably well (although the references to shark attacks were not as clear as they might have been) and there were lots of facts and photographs but the books just didn't catch my interest. In short, I felt that they plodded and I felt the information could have been organized better.

On the other hand, I have a strong demand for easier chapter books and there really isn't much in the nonfiction realm for this reading level except National Geographic chapter books. This series is available in both paperback and hardcover and I'm experimenting this year with putting a nonfiction, paperback series into our juvenile series paperbacks (little bee's BlastBack series).

Verdict: I'm going to take these to my book club and see what the kids think and see how my one nonfiction series in juvenile series goes this year. Next year I'll decide whether to add these to the collection in hardcover or as a new series.

ISBN: 9781618934321

ISBN: 9781618931863

Published 2016 by Animal Planet; Review copies provided by publisherAnimal Planet Chapter Books: Sharks!, Dinosaurs! by Lori Stein

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