Friday, January 13, 2017

Small Readers: The way the cookie crumbled by Jody Jensen Shaffer, illustrated by Kelly Kennedy

This entry in the "History of Fun Stuff" easy reader series is chock-full of chocolate and other tasty treats (and facts).

Who doesn't like a tasty cookie? Or two? Or three? (well, me to be honest - I don't actually like cookies ever since I went on a marathon baking spree back when I was a teenager. *shudder*) Shaffer starts with the evolution of cookies from simple bits of bread and biscuit to the sweet treats we know today. Along the way she adds plenty of interesting facts, from the origin of packed cookies in the Nabisco factory to Queen Elizabeth's habit of eating gingerbread in the shape of her advisors.

Back matter includes cookies from several different cultures, the science behind baking, a recipe with extra math, and a fun quiz on the history of cookies. There are no sources listed.

Kennedy's illustrations are cheerful cartoons of wide-eyed people throughout the ages, including several different races, all enjoying their sweet treats. The book is listed as a level 3, which for Simon Spotlight means the book is really closer to a beginning chapter book with large paragraphs of text, a clear but smaller font than is normally used in an easy reader, and more complex vocabulary and sentence structure.

Verdict: Kids who like fun facts enjoy this series and if you have a need for more upper-level easy readers this is a great series to add. I wouldn't use it for serious research, due to the lack of sources, but kids at this level who need something more challenging to read will enjoy it.

ISBN: 9781481461801; Published 2016 by Simon Spotlight; Review copy provided by author

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Kate Unger said...

This series sounds really fun. I'm always looking for good non-fiction kids books. I just reserved two of these books from the library. Thanks!