Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Follow the yarn: A book of colors by Emily Sper

This deceptively simple title has a lot to offer for babies and toddlers.

The book opens with a simple white background, the black silhouette of a cat, and a scribble of RED. One by one, colors are added and the yarn begins to twist across the page. On the final page, the background changes to black, the cat is highlighted with a softly glowing light, and the colors are joined by white and fairly flash on the page.

The only text is the single word denoting the added color. The font is bold and the text is in the appropriate color.

Sometimes as adults, we can look at board books and think they are too simple, not enough text, not enough detail in the art, not enough stimulation for the child. But there's a real need for board books that are actually appropriate for babies and toddlers, not preschoolers or kindergarteners (or their caregivers). This fits that need perfectly. The simple, bold colors, added interactive element of colored lines to follow, both are just right for a baby or toddler to enjoy. Those who need a little more plot can easily inject some imaginative play into the cat's behavior and the appearance of the yarn.

Verdict: This is a new author and publisher to me and I will look forward to seeing more books from them in future. Strongly recommended.

ISBN: 9780975490280; Published 2016 by Jump Press; Review copy provided by publisher for Cybils; Donated to the library

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Ms Fictitious said...

Agreed! I loved having a book I could read with my toddler that didn't require skipping half of the text!