Saturday, March 11, 2017

This week at the library; or, I prepare!

Happenings This Week
  • Program planning
  • Picture book weeding and organization
  • Summer planning
  • Teen comics and graphics collection development and organization
  • Finally finished with all the teen and juvenile comics and magazines
Kids Talk About Books: Book Club Edition
  • Several kids were very enthusiastic about Dragon Masters and wanted the next title in the series. I had to put copies on hold.
  • Lots of love for Zemke's My Life in Pictures. Several girls said it was very relatable (after we discussed what that meant).
  • We talked about a biography of George Washington Carver. The kids thought it was really unfair he couldn't just go to any school he wanted to.
  • Notebook of Doom came in for some love from a new convert - most of the other kids have already read it, but this kid is in kindergarten so everything is new! Discussion of whether or not we'd believe our friends if they said there were balloon monsters.
  • My super-reluctant reader had read a baseball book! And picked out Jake Maddox and two other books to read!
  • One 2nd grader was literally bouncing up and down when they saw I'd pulled Dory Fantasmagory for a pick - apparently it's a favorite.
  • Another kid chose Dosh Archer's Urgency Emergency because it was a favorite they remembered reading before.
  • Little Dog Lost did not click with this group. One kid doesn't like poetry, another said they stopped reading it when it got sad.

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