Monday, May 1, 2017

Nonfiction Monday: Who eats what? Freshwater food chains by Rebecca Pettiford; Amazing body systems: Nervous Systems by Karen Lathana Kenney

Pogo, an imprint of Jump!, has titles aimed at intermediate readers. Each title includes a message to teachers and parents, encouraging interactive reading and often includes an activity at the end as well. Standard back matter includes a glossary, index, and brief list of further reading.

Who eats what is a series of food chains in different biomes and habitats. I looked at Freshwater Food Chains and found it difficult to follow. It talks about the different steps on the food chains, the different fauna and flora that fit into it, but then cycles back and forth explaining how different creatures can fit into different places. If you need a wide variety of titles on this subject for school projects it would make a good supplemental text, but it doesn't stand alone in my opinion.

Amazing Body Systems tackles a pretty common subject; the human body. I looked at Nervous System and while it was clear and simple, it didn't bring anything new in layout or subject. It explains the function of the nervous system, physiological details and processes, and how it transmits messages to the brain. There is one rather disturbing picture of what is supposed to be a burn from an iron on the palm of a hand. I mean, it's obviously paint but it's creepy. This would also make a supplemental text if you need a wide number of materials on a specific subject, so this is more suite to a school library, large system, or for curriculum support.

Verdict: These series are fine, but they don't stand out from the bulk of series nonfiction. Unless you need more materials in this specific area, I'd pass on these.

Freshwater food chains
ISBN: 9781620315750; Published 2016 by Jump! Review copy provided by publisher

ISBN: 9781620315606; Published 2016 by Jump! Review copy provided by publisher

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