Friday, May 12, 2017

Super Turbo saves the day by Lee Kirby, illustrated by George O'Connor

Turbo the hamster is a normal, ordinary class pet. During the day. But at night he comes SUPER TURBO! When he runs into some other classroom pets one night, they all discover they have something in common - super powers! While they are searching for evil (and snacks) they run into the maniacal arch-villain, Whiskerface the mou, er, I mean, rat. Totally a rat. Just kind of a small one....and his army of henchmice. Hench rats. Whatever. Can Super Turbo and the other Superpets save the day?

This is a graphic blend, so the text is accompanied by occasional chunks of black and white comic panels and lots of black and white drawings. The characters all have unique quirks that makes them easy to differentiate and the action and pace of the panels moves briskly. The dialogue has a pretty small font for a beginning chapter book though.

This is a light, humorous story. The text (except for the speech balloons in the comics) is a bold and readable font and it clocks in at 118 pages. It's available in both hardcover and paperback. The pets with super powers trope, combined with the class pets, has been coming out quite frequently so this is nothing new but if you're looking for books to bulk out your beginning reader chapters section this is a nice choice.

Verdict: An additional choice

ISBN: 9781481488853; Published 2016 by Simon & Schuster; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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