Saturday, May 20, 2017

This week at the library; or, Now it's hot. Nope, make that cold.

view out my bedroom window
What's happening
  • Monday
    • Department Staff Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • Swim into summer
  • Wednesday
    • Planting program
  • Thursday
    • Mother Goose on the Loose
    • Lego Club
  • Friday
    • Scholastic Warehouse Sale
  • Saturday
    • Play through the Ages
Projects in Progress
  • Summer reading
  • Summer programs
  • Weeding the 900s
Projects Completed
  • Weeded the picture book favorites
Reader's Advisory
  • Last-minute project from the high school sent me on a scramble for classics
  • Read-alike for Catcher in the Rye - Spud by Van der Reit
  • Family read-alouds, finishing Children of Willesden Lane. Recommended Bronze Bow, Guts & Glory World War II, Snow Treasure, Irena's Children (young reader's edition), and Boys who challenged Hitler
  • Book about Native Americans for preschool (another high school project). Got them to go with Rabbit's Snow Dance.
  • Finished all the Flying Beaver Brothers. Suggested Kevin Sherry's Yeti Files.
  • "sequel" for Natasha Preston's Cellar. Settled on "Cabin" which we had to request.
  • Mythology
  • American flag for young kids (finally remembered they were in the patriotic holidays)
  • Notebook of doom
  • I survived read-alikes - got to hand out my new I Survived bookmark!
  • The middle school book to movie at your lexile project reared its head again. This is a tough one.

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