Saturday, June 17, 2017

This week at the library; or, Summer Week Two

I taught several kids to whipstitch
What's Happening
  • Monday
    • Garden playgroup; Tiny Tots
    • Teen maker space; Read with Pearl
I walked into chaos. Yep, it's summer. Still not as busy as the year the pool was closed though...our circulation seems a bit lower than usual.
  • Tuesday
    • Toddlers 'n' Books (2 sessions); Nature's Niche
    • Lakeshores Learning presentation
We had about 100 people for our live animal show, which was smaller than usual but just perfect because a lot of kids from the special education school came! I've been doing some outreach with them and working with some parents and I'm super excited about this!
I had a huge group for storytime and then it was quiet the rest of the day.
My first Library on the Go. It went pretty well, aside from being miserably hot and the ipad not cooperating. I had a tiny group at Messy Art Club. Super enthusiastic and they loved it, but tiny. Woe and Despair.
This was a long day. I started at 8am, prepping for the field trip. Four tours with 20 kids each (my staff ran 4 craft programs, Pattie did 4 storytimes, and the school did 4 snacks). Grabbed a quick lunch, revised the schedule for next fall, had my first shot at teaching my aides to crochet, and then set up for the sewing workshop. Very enthusiastic group, I had to sadly tell everyone it was time to go when we closed at 6pm.


Ms Fictitious said...

I know I am a few months behind on my emails, but is there a new link for the puppetry program? The link is not working for me.

Jennifer said...

Yep, I just revisited this program!

Niccole said...

Awesome thanks!